Creation of Tree Node

There are two ways to create a tree node.

To Create a Tree Node Using Dialog

  1. Click the right mouse button on the parent node to bring up a menu.

  2. On the menu, choose Create New Tree Node Using Dialog to pop up the dialog.

  1. From the combo box, select the desired destination table. From the list of possible paths between the selected parent and child tables, select the desired path, and click the OK button. The selected destination table will be the primary table for the tree node. The primary table is indicated by a red table icon . A new child tree node will be created with the name of the primary table.

  2. To set the output column, simply double-click the desired column name in the column list.

  3. In the following example, the HR.JOBS table is selected. Please note that in the Output Columns, the HR.JOBS JOB_TITLE is selected as the display column as indicated by a check mark , where it will be displayed in the tree view of Aglowsoft Browser. The unique key indicated by the yellow key mark will be used by the child tree node or table node as parameter. You should set any primary key in the primary table as unique key. In the following example, the HR.JOBS JOB_ID is the unique key.  Therefore, the child nodes will use the JOB_ID as parameter, which has the form such as (HR.JOBS.JOB_ID = @[JOB_ID : VARCHAR2(10)]). Parameters in the child nodes will be replaced with the actual values from the result sets of parent or grand parent nodes.

  4. You may notice that the DISTINCT keyword is included in the SQL query. This will ensure that rows in the result set are unique. This is required for the tree node.