Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools includes 3 database tools. They are Aglowsoft Schema Tool, Aglowsoft Designer, and Aglowsoft Browser. The tools are designed to allow building of SQL queries with basic knowledge of SQL using user friendly interface. Result sets from SQL queries are presented in a combination form of tree views and table views. Tree view can be printed or exported to an XML file or an LDIF file, and table view can be exported to ODBC database table, Access 2000 database, XML or HTML format.

A key feature of Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools is the ability to build SQL queries in the form of view definition tree, where a path in the view definition tree discloses relationships between data from different tables. Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools works with any OLE DB and ODBC-compliant database. SQL statements supported include SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. The program includes x64 and Unicode support, support for ANSI inner and outer joins, entity relationship diagram, and DDL Generation for relationships.

Steps for using Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools

  1. The first step is to use Aglowsoft Schema Tool for capturing the meta data from OLE DB or ODBC database. The extracted schema is saved to a file which is called SHM (Schema ) file. User can further refine the captured meta data by defining primary keys, entity relationships, and column aliases. The table columns, primary keys, relationships, and column aliases will be used by Aglowsoft Designer to build SQL queries.

  2. The next step is to use Aglowsoft Designer for creating view definition tree using schema information contained in SHM file. The view definition tree is a collection of view definition nodes. Each view definition node may have a SQL query associated with it. Aglowsoft Designer saves the results of the view definition tree to a View Definition File (VDF).

  3. The final step is to use Aglowsoft Browser for navigating the View Definition File (VDF). Simply browse the tree view through point-and-click interface. The resulting SQL queries are shown in the Properties tab of the Aglowsoft Browser. Aglowsoft Browser can also be used for navigating OLE DB and ODBC database tables/views.

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